1、Do you have any accessory for your calendars?

Yes, normally, we have markers, erasers , thumbtacks, tapes, stickers...or other you want.


2、For dry erase calendar, Is easy to erase for a long time?

Yes, our dry erase calendar is laminated with newly stain-proof premium film, it's erase super easy and completely even after one month or longer. 


3、How long is the dry erase calendars lifetime? Does wet erase suit it?

It's reusable and durable for year-long use. Both dry erase and wet erase are OK for our dry erase calendars.


4、How to hang the wall calendar to the wall?

By using four pieces double sided tapes to attach to your wall or jumbo tacks to tack up on your wall.


5、Does jumbo size wall calendar custom as per customer's design

Yes, We can customize as your all requests, it can be horizontal on one side and vertical on the other side.


6、Will the magnet on the backside scratch refrigerator doors over time?

The entire backside of the magnetic calendar is a smooth magnet that sits flush against the surface of refrigerator, so it shouldn't scratch at all. 


7、How about the quality of your offset paper in pad calendar?

The paper we use is bleed-proof wood free paper, which can prevent the ink bleeding to the next page.


8、How about the quality of your offset paper in wall calendar?

The paper we use is high quality coated paper, which can prevent our calendar wrinkled.


9、Do you accept custom package? Can you print our contents on your paper tube?

Yes, we accept customized package. And the size of cylinder tube and the contents on the tube surface also depends on you.


10、Do you have some special service?

· Attach customers labels for free

· Purchase other accessories for our customer

· Taking photos for customers Amazon use

· Compensation policy : ONE negative review THREE products compensation ( if our products quality cause the negative review )





1、Professional One Stop Services, from the beginning to the end of the whole processes of the order.
· Skilled and Experience Staff to Offer The Best Consultation to Help you Run-on the Order Smoothly
· Strictly control products quality
· Solve The Issues In Time

2. 24/7 Online Services, In time communication
3. Special Services. Such as FBA Logistics Support, Packing Other Goods Together, etc.
4. New Products Promotion. We will recommend new products which are newly researched or developed by R&D Department each season.


· Delivery Time Guarantee. we will be sure to finish production on time as the contract shows.
· Quality Guarantee. 100% Compensate if there is any quality problem which was produced by us.
· After-Sold Service Guarantee. You can make positive or negative comments after you receiving the goods. We will be glad to solve your issues and make you 100% satisfied with our quality and services.



Are you a calendar seller on www.amazon.com?

Are you a dry erase calendar wholesaler?

Did your consumers complaint about your terrible dry erase quality?

Do you plant to sell unique and hi-profit products in the market?

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