Shanghai Cntopprint Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. After 10 years of development, Cntopprint has been recognized as a leading printer and manufacturer of high quality, competitive price and custom paper printing products, and most of our products have been exported to North America, Europe and Middle East. 

After years of exploration and experience, calendar printing products has been our priority. We produce various kinds of calendars and planners, which include magnetic calendar, planner, dry erase calendar, wall calendar, desk calendar, whiteboard and PVC chalkboard. With company's product line steadily increasing each year, you can find every calendar category here. All our products are conceived, created and designed by our in-house art and design team. We also accept OEM production.

Even being the top supplier of calendar products in the market, we are not content with current achievement. We know that innovative and improved product is very important for the development of a company. We never stop renewing our products to meet customer's higher needs.

Cntopprint will leverages its expertise to keep delivering high quality and excellent service to our regular and potential customers, and head to the next level in calendar and planner markets.



Shanghai Cntopprint Co., Ltd.

  • Who is our target customer?

    For those clients who have strict requirements to dry erase cleanly for many times using.
    For those sellers who plan to print larger size calendar to win other competitors in a different way.
    For those distributors who want to wholesale, retail high quality calendars with nice package which is suitable to despatch by express.

  • monthly calendar
    magnetic calendar
    dry erase calendar
    oversize wall calendar
    wood framed calendar

    undated blank calendar
    academic calendar
    organizing calendar
    coloring poster
    colorful hanging calendar

    Our main products:

  • What can we do?

    Customize rewritable magnetic planner on fridge
    Wholesale oversize wood framed academic calendar
    Manufacturer weekly/monthly/yearly/dry erase calendar